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Olayinka Olusola Akisanya

The book is penned by Olayinka Olusola Akisanya and is titled, Surviving the Opposite. Through this book, the writer needs to spread energy and inspiration all over the world, particularly in homes where there is little expectation.


About The Author

Olayinka Olusola Akisanya

As you will see in this book and the way she writes, Olayinka Olusola Akisanya, is a devoted follower of God. By making God the focus of the book and part of her life, Olayinka Olusola Akisanya has shown her skill as an author by writing a motivational book for all of us to be inspired. It takes a significant experience to understand the power of God and how it can change one’s thinking of the word faith. Most importantly, every Christian must be closer to the hands of God and confide in Him in every phase of life. The same energy and level of hope that she has in the One who made us is urged in everything Olayinka does. She has always been in search of the redeeming quality that can only benefit an individual in supernatural ways.


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There is nothing more exciting than getting a glimpse of what is in store in the chapters of a book. Have a look below at what to expect in Olayinka Olusola Akisanya’s book.

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Surviving The Opposite

Surviving the Opposite by Olayinka Olusola Akisanya is an inspirational book that the world needs. It is not restricted to those doing well only. Instead, it must be read to be equipped for the unexpected phases in one’s life through spiritual consciousness.

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Surviving The Opposite

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