Surviving The Opposite

The book is penned by Olayinka Olusola Akisanya and is titled, Surviving the Opposite. Through this book, the writer needs to spread energy and inspiration all over the world, particularly in homes where there is little expectation. The idea came when she was encountering a similar situation. The author sort the Spirit of God to guide her in making the best decisions for her and her family. Olayinka Olusola Akisanya has made sure that nothing goes past her points in the book as she speaks for every individual and every problem level. Everybody is experiencing some intense and testing conditions every now and then. The world feels like a big boulder of pressure and criticism for those that are facing problems on a more regular basis. However, the vital thing to consider is that this is not the gravestone, as per the author’s conscious. Instead, it is through God that we can do amazing things, so we have to put God first and use Him as our assistance throughout everyday life. It is all about how much we badly we want our lives to change, let alone that situation, which has killed our spirits to look forward. That is the only way we can be spared and live calmly through any future intense occasions.

The Call

The Call is not only for those people who are having trouble with their faith. It is about the conviction, perseverance, and patience that one needs to have because there is a purpose. I wish everyone gets to know that we all came to this earth with a purpose from God. That purpose can only be revealed to all of us if we persevere through all the phases of life; good and bad. The troubles in life can have people questioning their faith. This book will help you find hope and strength to persevere through all your tests and trials in life so you can
become the stout, loyal follower of God that you were always meant to be. We all have the strength in us; we just need to find it. And this book is what will help you discover your inner strengths and utilize them to win all the rewards that He promised us.

The Slavery Master

In an article: “Slavery” written by Richard Hellie, slavery is
defined as a “condition in which one human being was owned by
another. A slave was considered by law as property, or chattel, and was deprived of most of the rights ordinarily held by a free person.” Ever since the fall of man in the garden of Eden, the whole human race has been subjected to slavery, with the slave master being the devil. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, through His death and resurrection, fought for our freedom and became our freedom-master. The slave master (devil) is aware of our freedom from his captivity. In an attempt to keep the human race bound, he sends out a squad of agents to help accomplish this plan.
The captain of his squad is SIN. SIN is disobedience to God’s given commands and instructions. What the laws and regulations of a country are to its citizens, the 10 Commandments and biblical instructions are to Jesus Christ’s followers (Christians). Not obeying the laws and regulations is breaking the law, while not obeying the ten commandments and the biblical instructions is SIN. Therefore, as there are consequences for breaking the law, there are also consequences for sinning. The other members of this squad include but are not limited to (1) Condemnation, (2) Regret, (3) Fear, (4) The Sense of Entitlement, (5) Expectation. (6) Blame/ Excuses and (7) Stubbornness
The Slave Master – You Can Walk In Freedom Today is designed to inform some and remind others of the machinations of the slave master and his squad members.