Surviving The Opposite

The book is penned by Olayinka Olusola Akisanya and is titled, Surviving the Opposite. Through this book, the writer needs to spread energy and inspiration all over the world, particularly in homes where there is little expectation. The idea came when she was encountering a similar situation. The author sort the Spirit of God to guide her in making the best decisions for her and her family. Olayinka Olusola Akisanya has made sure that nothing goes past her points in the book as she speaks for every individual and every problem level. Everybody is experiencing some intense and testing conditions every now and then. The world feels like a big boulder of pressure and criticism for those that are facing problems on a more regular basis. However, the vital thing to consider is that this is not the gravestone, as per the author’s conscious. Instead, it is through God that we can do amazing things, so we have to put God first and use Him as our assistance throughout everyday life. It is all about how much we badly we want our lives to change, let alone that situation, which has killed our spirits to look forward. That is the only way we can be spared and live calmly through any future intense occasions.