Olayinka Olusola Akisanya

As you will see in this book and the way she writes, Olayinka Olusola Akisanya, is a devoted follower of God. By making God the focus of the book and part of her life, Olayinka Olusola Akisanya has shown her skill as an author by writing a motivational book for all of us to be inspired. It takes a significant experience to understand the power of God and how it can change one’s thinking of the word faith. Most importantly, every Christian must be closer to the hands of God and confide in Him in every phase of life. The same energy and level of hope that she has in the One who made us is urged in everything Olayinka does. She has always been in search of the redeeming quality that can only benefit an individual in supernatural ways. By seeing the glory of God’s work in her life, she has made sure to influence her daughter to find the necessary strength and courage to face every hurdle as she grows up. It is essential to pass on these essential qualities down to our loved ones. And a much better way to do so is by reading this book. The writing and style of the author in the book will personify that grace, which we all need to sustain our lives.