Why Read it?

The Call

If you feel you’ve come to that point in life where you feel your faith is weakening, then this has to be a must-read book for you. Reading through the chapters of this book will clear a lot of your doubts and confusion regarding life and its many challenges. You’ll find yourself getting answers to questions that trouble you in your rough days and makes you ask God, “Why me?”  Life is a combination of good and bad times, where one experiences different feelings and emotions. With trials and tribulations, we also come across those moments which we cherish forever. And once we have passed these times, our purpose of existence becomes clearer. This book will help you strengthen your faith in God and make you believe in His powers. God is the One who is the most benevolent and omnipotent, and He loves His creations. A firm faith in His mercy will make you understand the wisdom behind His plans.

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